First solar electric SUV by Humble Motors

The first solar electric SUV, wants humble motors to bring to market where it will also have a powerful electric motor but will also have the ability to charge itself with the help of the sun since a large number of solar panels are installed in the body of the car.

Humble Motors is a start-up company based in California and even in this area SUV type vehicles are particularly popular. The company’s new solar electric car features a modern look with a huge front grille and very thin headlamps .

Also in the exterior design are absent the corners while the rear luminaires reach up to the bumper. Humble Motors’ SUV promises impressive autonomy that can reach 800 km. The overall performance of the electric motor (electric motors?) will reach 1020 horsepower and will deliver impressive performance comparable to a Tesla Model S Plaid.

As mentioned above in its body are built-in photovoltaic panels where they can give the vehicle up to 96 km only with the help of the sun since the car will be able to charge itself while it is parked. The company also says the solar electric SUV will have expanded solar panels to charge from the sun. In terms of purchase costs it will be about $109,000, and is expected to come off the production line in 2024.



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