Huawei is preparing its own electric vehicle

Huawei wants to get into the electric mobility arena and is even preparing its own electric vehicle. More and more technology companies like Apple, Sony and recently Xiaomi want to build electric vehicles, as they see that a huge market will be a reality in the years to come.

Huawei is still a great technology company from China and apparently wants to participate in the big change that is currently taking place in the automotive industry. Apple’s car is said to have come a long way and it’s not long before the revelations are coming, and we recently saw the almost complete corresponding project from Sony.

Electric cars have given too many new manufacturers a boost to the specific technology and it seems technology companies have seized this opportunity. Huawei is the company that recently presented its own project, in collaboration with Arcfox, which belongs to the Chinese BAIC group of companies.

So the new electric prototype revealed by Huawei has the name Alpha-S, and design that refers to a Sedan car. It is also Arcfox’s second model and is based on a modular electric platform that the Chinese developed together with Magna and can change length when required.

Arcfox’s first electric production car is the Alpha-T which in its four-wheel-drive version has 2 electric motors with a total performance of 222 HP while with the large battery at 93 kWh ensures impressive range of up to 653 km on one charge.


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