Impressive RES performance for Easter in Germany

Impressive was the performance of RES during Easter in Germany as shown by data from the Federal Network Service (BNetzA). But in the first quarter of 2021, electricity generation from RES fell significantly in terms of Germany’s net public energy supply.

Thus, due to unfavourable weather conditions, energy production fell to 57 TWh compared to 75.8 TWh a year ago, as the Fraunhofen ISE data show. Wind energy has proved to be the most important among RES for public procurement, accounting for a quarter of electricity.

On the other hand, however, the performance of RES in the Easter days was impressive since, as data from the Federal Network Service (BNetzA) showed, they covered 71.5% of electricity consumption. Specifically, from Good Friday to Easter Monday, RES provided a total of 3.2TWh of electricity, exceeding last year’s corresponding production (2.8 TWh).

Also on Easter Monday RES recorded the highest share reaching an impressive 95% covering energy needs for most of the day. However, this impressive performance was not able to reverse the moderate quarter of 2021 as the total share of RES was 42.7% compared to 55.6% in the corresponding quarter of 2020.


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