New Polestar EV will have total zero environment pollution

New Polestar EV will probably be the first car where it will have a completely zero impact on the environment, achieving the goal of completely green electric mobility. Pure electric vehicles have zero pollution once they are outside the production line, but during the manufacturing process things are not so rosy.

The aim of polestar’s new electric model is the absolutely zero environmental footprint during its production and until the end of the model’s life. As Frederika Klaren, head of the viability sector of the Swedish brand, said, it is not only enough to move the vehicle through electricity, but its entire production line should not pollute the environment.

Polestar 2 EV

Polestar is a subsidiary of Volvo and for some time now has on the market a pure electric car, the Polestar 2 where it has impressive appearance and performance. With the Polestar 0 as the name of the model will probably be, the Swedish company will not only settle for zero-pollution cars during the drive but wants to annihilate any kind of pollution the environmental burden throughout the production of the vehicle.

Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath also said that to achieve this it would take a great many modifications to the production of the vehicle. Most likely this target will become a reality by 2030.


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