NIO ES6 electric SUV on famous Nurburgring track | video

The NIO ES6 electric SUV is one of the most popular electric models in China and was first unveiled at the end of 2019. The people of the company decided to put it in the “green hell”, namely on the demanding track of Nurburgring to see if their car can cope with harsh driving conditions.

NIO ES6 is a pure electric five-seat SUV, featuring a total of two electric motors (one per axle) with a combined power of 540 horsepower. The drive is given to all four wheels, while the 0-100Km/h comes in just 4.7 seconds. Performance, however, is not a problem in moving this model quickly on the track.

When electric vehicles are pressed to the limit the cooling of batteries plays the most important role the performance of the electric car created by the rise in temperature when driving is aggressive. This causes the electric motor to reduce its power so that after 4 km it does not have full power on the track.

The electric SUV NIO ES6 however showed very good behavior as you will see in the video from YouTube channel NIO. Battery consumption was at reasonable levels as from 58% of the battery at the start of the round it fell to 29% at the end of the round. Similarly a Tesla Model 3 had the same test drop from 91% to 56%.

Video from YouTube channel NIO

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