Tesla Model 3 dominates Greek EV sales on Q1 2021

The Tesla Model 3 managed to take first place on Greek EV sales for the first quarter of 2021. In Greece sales of electric vehicles are still at an embryonic level and only last August the new government measures concerning the promotion of electric mobility were announced through brave incentives for electric cars, scooters and electric bicycles.

Thus, in the Greek market for Q1 in 2021 a total of 1297 pure electric and plug-in Hybrid models were sold and 578 cars were delivered in March. As far as pure electric cars are concerned, 282 models were sold in March, while a total of 419 pure electric cars were sold in Q1. This shows a satisfactory increase, since 679 BEVs were sold last year and as early as the second quarter in 2021 this figure is expected to be easily shot down.

Model 3 Greek EV

According to Tesla’s standard practice, the last month of the quarter is the one where the company becomes the most important sales promotion. This is also reflected in Greece since the Model 3 in March alone sold 164 models where it was enough to put it in first place on the leaderboard with 168 units. It should also be noted that Tesla has been represented in Greece relatively recently since the first dealer officially opened last autumn.

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Model 3 Greek EV

As far as pure electric vehicles are concerned, the Peugeot e-208 follows in second place with a huge difference from the Model 3 after selling a total of 42 models. In 3rd place another Peugeot the e-2008 where with 41 models climbed impressively and will probably dethrone his brother. Impressive is the Nissan leaf course where with 33 cars it occupies the fourth place. The Volkswagen ID 3 is in 5th place with 22 units and the German company is expected to increase its sales rate in the coming months.

Up to 10th place are fiat with e-500, Opel with Corsa-e, Smart FORTWO, BMW i3 and Citroen C4 electric.

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