The Tesla Cybertruck visits its home | video

The Tesla Cybertruck paid a visit to its home, it could be said, after the pure electric pick-up truck was found at Tesla’s upcoming Giga Texas plant with Elon Musk driving the vehicle around the large construction complex.

The first images from the Cybertruck at Giga Texas were shared by the r/TeslaMotors subreddit electric vehicle community, and below you can see another tweet showing the electric pick-up truck moving close to Tesla’s factory construction structures.

On the other hand, work at Giga Texas continues unabated and the first buildings have already been built and there is also intense activity throughout the site. Of course much more will have to be done since as you can see there are new foundations that will support the new buildings

Cybertruck doesn’t look like anything else on the streets today! The futuristic (or else different) exterior surfaces of the car are made of a “strong” steel alloy that withstands hard use. This means not only for scratches, but also intense blows, as Elon Musk himself demonstrated on stage during the model’s official premiere.

According to Tesla, the production of Cybertruck will reach 100,000 units per year by 2025. Also to produce 100,000 Cybertucks a year means that almost 1,850 models will have to be manufactured on a weekly basis.

Watch more for Cybertuck at Giga Texas…

Video from YouTube channel Super Tesla

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