Toyota prepares a dynamic strategy for electric vehicles

Toyota is invading in electric mobility by implementing a dynamic strategy and by 2025 the Japanese company is expected to unveil 15 new electric models. In fact, the Toyota bZ4X Concept is the precursor to the fleet of new electric cars that will follow, and the bZ letters in the code from the new concept mean “Beyond Zero” indicating that Toyota’s new SUV will be zero-pollution.

Toyota’s bZ4X was presented in concept form as a result of Toyota’s partnership with Subaru, with the vehicle initially ready for use on Chinese and Japanese roads. In fact, this model is also Toyota’s first integrated model, which has drive by wire technology, with a steering wheel that is not reminiscent of any of its other models.

As mentioned above, the Japanese company’s plans are big as until 2025 it will present 15 new pure electric models, followed by another 70 models worldwide where they will wear different engines with priority to lower environmental pollution and this will be done either with hybrid models but also with cars that will have hydrogen fuel cells.

Toyota’s new pure electric SUV, the bZ4X, is apparently not yet ready for mass production after the Japanese company did not disclose more technical data. In the near future, however, there may be even more information about toyota’s very interesting electric SUV.


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