Xiaopeng Motors wants to increase EVs production

Xiaopeng Motors or XPeng wants to significantly increase production of EVs since the new factory in China will be able to produce up to 200,000 electric cars each year. XPeng is a Chinese company that manufactures electric vehicles and was founded in 2014.

XPeng, seeing the great acceptance of electric vehicles in China, is building a new factory where it has an area of 733,000 square meters where in addition to the production line of its models it will also have a research and development center. The new plant will be built in the Guangzhou area and is expected to start operating in 2022.

Currently the Chinese company has two pure electric models in production, the Xpeng G3 SUV and the Xpeng P7 sedan. Xpeng has also brought its factory to the Wuhan region so that it can have a large production capacity reaching 100,000 a year.

Xiaopeng Motors increase EVs
Xpeng G3 SUV

evNT Note :

Sales of electric vehicles in China are gradually increasing and in February alone about 104,000 new electric cars were delivered to China’s huge market. Also the Xpeng P7 sedan until the end of February (YTD) has an impressive sales performance after 5,119 cars were delivered.


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