All-new CUPRA Born EV with up to 540 km of range

All-new CUPRA Born was finally unveiled and is the company’s first 100% electric car. It is based on Volkswagen ID.3 and has a very dynamic design but also very good electrical performance. CUPRA managing director Wayne Griffiths said:
CUPRA Born incorporates all the genes of the CUPRA brand, having taken the original idea to the next level, creating a new sports and dynamic car, while also being technologically advanced. CUPRA Born is the living proof that tossed performance and electrification are a wonderful combination.”

In terms of exterior appearance it has more sporty features than ID.3 while in the back there is an LED bar that extends the entire width of the car. there are also design prototypes such as the “closed” front air intake and the sloping roof that seems to hover thanks to the black hue of the rear column.

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All-new CUPRA Born EV with up to 540 km of range

Inside there are several elements in common with the VW ID.3 but there are also some details that make it special such as the new steering wheel with Drive Profile Selection and CUPRA mode buttons. Thanks to the flat floor, the spaces are generous, while at the back there is a loading area with a capacity of 385 liters. CUPRA placed particular emphasis on the viability of Born using recycled materials inside the car.

All-new CUPRA Born EV with up to 540 km of range

All-new CUPRA Born has an electric motor mounted on the rear axle and there will also be three performance levels as well as three options in battery capacity. The basic model will have a battery capacity of 45 kWh with a power of 150 hp and 310 Nm of torque, while the 0-100 will need 8.9 seconds with the autonomy approaching 340 km.

The next version will have 204 horsepower with the battery capacity being at 58 kWh and with autonomy allowing it to travel up to 420 km. For the 0-100 it will need 7.3 seconds but in the e-boost version it will have a button on the steering wheel that will offer even greater performance and with the power of the electric motor now amounting to 231 horsepower while for the 0-100 it will need only 6.6 seconds.

All-new CUPRA Born EV with up to 540 km of range

For more kilometers there is a 77 kWh battery available, reaching 540 km with one charge, but due to the extra weight the 231 horsepower makes born a little slower since for 0-100 km/h it will take 7 seconds. With a fast charge of 125 kW, CUPRA Born will be able to receive the required power for at least 100 km in only 7 minutes, while it can reach 80% of its battery capacity from 5 to 80% in 35 minutes.


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