Battery swapping solution remains alive by Renault

Battery swapping solution is under investigation by the Renault boss according to some media reports and as reported by the Financial Times the head of the French car industry commissioned the technical department of the company to find a solution based on a Renault concept where it was presented 10 years ago.

Renault’s first electric car based on the Battery swapping solution was the Fluence where its battery could be replaced in a very short time at battery change stations. This project belonged to a startup called Better Place where it was founded in 2007 bringing together 850 million from various investors and within them was Renault.

Renault Megane eVision

However, this Idea never became a reality, leading Better Place to file for bankruptcy. On the other hand, however, one electric vehicle company from China, NIO, is in the final stages of development of this idea and is even preparing to test it in real-world conditions.

Renault also in 2020 had unveiled a purely electric concept SUV called Morphoz which had an expandable wheelbase and the ability to mount the larger battery relatively easily.


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