Electric pickup Alpha Wolf Plus is the ideal AWD car ?

An electric Pickup revealed by Alpha Motors where it is a start-up company and with its new model wants to raise the bar very high in this category of vehicles. “Wolf Plus” is a purely electric pick-up truck with four doors and several advanced technical elements.

This electric vehicle can accommodate up to 4 people inside, while its external length reaches a total of 5.15 meters. Another important feature of the electric pickup is that in the trunk there is also a 1,652mm folding bed.

Alpha Wolf Plus will be available with two electric motors (one per axle) and of course all-wheel drive but there will also be a version with an electric motor on the rear wheels. According to the company the autonomy of the model will range between 402 and 437 km. For acceleration 0-100 km/h it will take 5.9 seconds and will be able to carry a load of up to three tons.

Electric pickup Alpha

In terms of exterior design the retro features dominate and as you can see in the video below there is a grill on the roof as well as the folding bed that provides the photovoltaic system. There’s also a scene that’s quite large. The price for Wolf Plus is expected between $40,000-48,000 (about 34,000-41,000 euros) but it was not known when production would begin.


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