German police investigate arson at Tesla factory

According to Reuters reports, the fire at Tesla factory under construction near Berlin started in the evening hours. The company’s German facilities, which will be the first to be created in Europe, are scheduled to open towards the end of the year. However, various obstacles have arisen and with the current fire, the situation is more confused.

The investigation carried out by the German authorities examines whether the fire was caused by arson and especially whether it concerns political reasons. Reuters reported that it started very early Wednesday morning and targeted some lines heading to the plant. Fortunately the damage was not extensive and was limited only to 3 square meters.

The police in charge of the case are also looking for a letter sent on social media, after it had previously been posted on a website. The arsonists reportedly cut off the power supply to Tesla’s factory, setting fire to six high-voltage cables.

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Meanwhile, there are not a few who claim that Tesla’s people are neither “green” nor environmentalists. Possibly, after the investigation to determine if it is arson and from behind hiding environmentalists or someone else.


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