How much top speed does the Tesla Model 3 actually have?

According to Tesla the top speed of the Model 3 Performance is 261 km/h where it is definitely a very impressive number for an electric sedan. Of course, electrification has as its main objective the most ecological movements but this does not mean that electric cars will not be able to perform amazingly.

So in the video below from YouTube channel AutoTopNL, you can see the top speed of a Model 3 Performance model of 2021 on the National Highway Autobahn. The main objective of this test is to verify the top speed declared by the manufacturer but also why not if it is possible to overcome it.

Video from YouTube channel AutoTopNL

The Model 3 Performance has 2 electric motors (one per axle) where combined they exceed 500 horsepower while for 0-100 km/h it takes only 3.3 seconds. The total torque is 660nm while the top speed as mentioned above is 261 km/h. It also has a battery capacity of 82 kWh where 76 kWh is available for the user.

2020 for Tesla was a very successful year after it managed to sell almost half a million pure electric cars with the Model 3 of course having the largest share since it was also the best-selling car worldwide.

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