Lithium-metal battery is the key to the future charging ?

Future charging in pure electric vehicles is expected to be very different from what we know to date as new experimental battery technologies are already underway, as is a recent Harvard study on lithium metal batteries.

For decades, researchers have been trying to capitalize on the use of lithium-metal technology, which according to the data can store more energy in the same volume and charge faster than traditional lithium-ion batteries. But there is one specific problem that researchers will have to solve and that is stability in operation, as Harvard associate professor and head of research Xin Li says.

The researchers follow a sandwich-type layout, with different levels at which electrolytes are placed, with the logic one would follow in preparing a sandwich by placing the individual materials. The logic here is not to create dendrites, tiny needles that could even cause a short circuit in a battery.

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Also, as mentioned in this Harvard study, the new battery will be able to correct various errors that will occur on its own, while still at an experimental level the new battery retained 82% of the capacity after 10,000 charger cycles, where it is a particularly impressive number.

This battery technology could increase battery life for 10-15 years without the need for replacement as well as significantly reduce full charge time to just 10 to 20 minutes.


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