Tesla Giga Texas Gigafactory progress end of May | video

Giga Texas is already on the 309th day since the start of work and the progress that has been made is very impressive since many buildings have been built but we also see a lot of heavy machinery circulating in the area.

Here we point out that although as you can see the works continues Tesla has completed the installation of the first Giga Presses where they are huge machines and will be able to produce single-piece casts and certainly is a very interesting original idea as well as construction. Recently, some images were posted showing the first megacast in front of the Tesla Model Y to be manufactured at Gigafactory Texas.

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Video from YouTube channel Jeff Roberts

Elon Musk recently said, more than 10,000 jobs will be needed at Tesla Giga Texas where it is expected to be completed relatively soon. Also, Tesla had told local officials that Gigafactory 5 would need 5,000 middle-class jobs with fixed salaries without requiring any higher education.

Also in other news, Elon Musk recently visited Giga Texas driving the Tesla Cybertruck impressing all the employees who were there at the time.

Giga texas

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