Tesla Model Y Austin production with 4680 batteries?

Tesla Model Y when it starts production in Austin will also have the most important upgrade ever to models of the American company. Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently said in a Twitter post that the Next-Gen Model Y will use the new more efficient 4680 batteries.

In the video below from YouTube channel Electroified, you can see more details about Tesla’s new battery where it is expected to be installed for the first time on the Model Y where it will be produced at Giga Texas.

Video from YouTube channel Electrified

Tesla 4680’s new battery takes the specific code name where it comes from its dimensions (46 mm wide and 80 mm high) where the battery cylindrical element follows a spiral approach. The new battery features improved cell design changes in electrode materials as well as improved production processes.

Tesla Austin

The design of the new 4680 battery improves electrical and thermal performance while also being a building block of the car. In the battery pack there are 960 components (40×24), instead of about 24,000 items placed in a battery pack with cells 2170. Store about five times more energy while the energy density exceeds 300 Wh/kg. This also helps to reduce costs per kWh by 56%.

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