The Pope’s next car will be fully electric by Fisker

The Pope’s next car will be a zero-pollution, environmentally friendly vehicle powered by electricity. Pope Francis will conduct his tours in a specially adapted vehicle to greet his faithful and will be made by Fisker.

The Pope’s car will be based on the Fisker Ocean SUV, powered exclusively by electricity, with a range of up to 480 km. In addition to the 80 kWh battery there will also be a solar collector on the roof that will charge the vehicle for a little more autonomy.

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The roof space for the solar panel will, however, be limited compared to the Fisker Ocean SUV production, since special space is required for the special opening that allows the Pope to stand up as the vehicle moves and greet his faithful.

Pope's next car

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According to the creators of the Fisker Ocean SUV, Pope Francis has often expressed his concern about climate change and is seeking to give a strong message in favour of further adoption of electrification.

evNT Notes :

It is now clear that electric mobility is increasingly entering every area of human activity and the Pope’s new car is yet another small testament to the interest shown by the most important personalities on the planet.


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