2023 Tesla Model 2 from just 21000 euros in Europe?

The Tesla Model 2 is expected to hit markets somewhere in 2023 and will play a very important role in the widespread spread of electric mobility. The ‘baby Tesla’, which Elon Musk himself announced last year, is expected to offer autonomy greater than that of the Volkswagen ID.3, which he sees as his main competitor.

According to the information so far the new Tesla Μodel 2 will be sold for $25,000 (21,000 euros), which in the European market will be more economical than the Peugeot e-208 and Honda e.

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Model 2

With a range of 402 km, it exceeds that of ID.3, which reaches 350 km, and will probably be a determining factor in becoming the final “Game Over” for conventional cars (Of course everything will depend on market trends at that time).

The model will be equipped with Tesla’s new battery, the 4680 featuring changes in electrode materials, improved cell design and improved production processes, with the new design improving performance (electric and thermal), while becoming a building block of the car. The 4680 battery stores about 5 times more energy, with its energy density reaching/exceeding 300 Wh/kg, which – according to Elon Musk – reduces costs per kWh by 56%.

Construction of the Model 2 will take place at the company’s large factory in Berlin, along with the Model 3 and Model Y, starting in 2022 or 2023.

Video from YouTube channel Tesla Vision

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