Another nightmare scenario for climate change

Another nightmare scenario from a study on the effects of climate change was announced through international media. Researchers led by scientists from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

The researchers studied ice levels in West Antarctica and Greenland. They also studied the state of the Amazon rainforests and the Gulf Stream known to affect the global climate. They then made more than three million investments in the project. Simulations.

According to the above study, the results showed that even if we manage to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement on global warming, climate destabilization will be such that it will cause a domino effect on the ice sheets, the Gulf Stream and the Amazon rainforests.

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“Unless we directly prevent harmful gas emissions, the effects of climate change cannot be prevented and their effects will be seen more dynamically by the end of the century,” says a PIK official. Melting ice will bring sea level rise with studies succeeding each other with some presenting more optimistic scenarios and others more pessimistic about the height of water rise and the time horizon that will occur.

The new study states that even if all states manage to reach the Paris agreement target sea level rise will not be prevented in two centuries, i.e. in 2300, the sea surface will be 0.7-1.2 meters above current levels.

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“Since 40% of the human population lives in island and coastal areas this means that all of this world will have to move to other safer areas since those areas will sink. The environmental consequences of this development are given, but the humanitarian, social and economic consequences of such a massive movement of people should be added. Effects that cannot be easily assessed in today’s terms. Where so many people will go, where they will stay, how they will feed, how they will be welcomed and accepted by the inhabitants of other areas are just some of the questions that are being asked”, points out the new study of the RIK.

But the announcement of this study did not find all scientists in agreement. “The new catastrophic scenarios from Potsdam do not surprise us and are a continuation of an irrepressable alarmism intended to draw the world’s attention to a small group of researches developing scenarios that lack a scientific basis,” observes reputable geologists from Canada and Australia with recognized scientific work.

“The role of anthropogenic pollutants is important in increasing CO2 emissions, but they make up a small part of all emissions and the increase in CO2 does not necessarily lead to very small increases in the average global temperature,” the above scientists add.


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