Autonomous electric boats begin testing in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam (Netherlands) the test cruising of autonomous boats begins, where an electric motor takes care for the motion. It is about implementing an idea that was formulated in 2016 and is now being put into practice, offering an ecological travel solution.

The network of canals in Amsterdam is wide and can offer an alternative and certainly beautiful way to move in comfort and eco-friendly sign in the great European city. The solution to be put to trial involves the use of autonomous electric motor boats.

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The main initiators of this idea were the American MIT and the Institute of Advanced Metropolitan Solutions in Amsterdam and the result of this is the so-called Roboat, from the words robot and Boat, i.e. boat. Roboats can run on their battery for 12 to 24 hours, depending on the weather conditions, while their maximum speed is 6 km/h.

The movement is autonomous, the manipulation is done by a computational center, through the data collected in real time by the boats using sensors and special cameras. The test function will be useful for drawing conclusions and studying the data in order to make this service 24 hours a day but also permanent.


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