Big subsidies in Greece for the purchase of electric Taxis

Minister of the Environment and Energy Costas Srekas announced big subsidies in excess of 22,000 euros for the replacement of Taxis with new modern pure electric vehicles.

Greece, where new actions concerning electric mobility are very often announced, is clearly entering the rhythm of electrification. A new initiative is coming this time from the lips of Minister Sreka who, in an interview, gave him the start of a new action.

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Through the recovery fund, there will be funding of EUR 40 million for a programme to replace 2,000 taxis with electrics. Based on criteria such as age, the subsidy for each withdrawal can be up to EUR 22,500.

A number that cannot go unnoticed as it is twice what is provided through the existing “I Move Electric” which in a taxi can reach the subsidy of 10,500 euros.

On the other hand, however, some numbers disappoint since of the more than 13,000 requests made in the program “I move Electric” only 8 relate to a subsidy for the acquisition of electric Taxis and 3 applications in plug-in, hybrid Taxi.


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