BMW: With shaft drive the electric motorcycles?

BMW wants for its electric motorcycles the shaft drive solution according to a patent it has patented, the electric motor is mounted in a longitudinal layout and not transversely, as everyone else does, while it is clear that the movement on the rear wheel is carried by axle.

So far, all electric two-wheelers follow two design platforms. The low-performance scooters have the electric motor inside the rear wheel, while the larger ones have the electric motor positioned directly in front of the base of the scissors (where the gearbox is on conventional motorcycles) and the drive transmission on the rear wheel is done by belt.

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The universal use of the belt by all manufacturers of high performance electric motorcycles, has to do with the fact that they do not produce metal noises, but also with their ability to absorb evenly the initial “kick” of electric motors, giving civilized function and greater reliability than chains.

The question, of course, is what they have thought to do about the force flows that the rotation of the electric motor will create while driving. In the latest generation of longitudinal motorcycle engines, these crank force brakes have been almost neutralized by the reverse rotation of the gearbox axles.

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But in electrics there is neither ruffles nor of course a gearbox so it will be interesting to see what the behavior of the motorcycle will be on the road when the turns of the electric motor change.


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