David Beckham co-owner of an electric vehicle company

Former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder David Beckham has acquired a 10% stake in Lunaz, which turns old cars into electric cars and equips them with cutting-edge technology.

Now the company is ready to start converting fuel to trucks as well giving a new chance of life away from fossil fuels. The company’s goal is to change polluting engines and install batteries and electric motors with zero exhaust emissions.

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According to the Guardian, the show was also in Beckham’s presence. The company thought that many owners of conventional vehicles of special luxury technology, will want to keep them in their possession by turning them into electric!

Electric motors may lack the roar that is the favorite sound in petrol engines, but the smooth, and quiet ride they offer fits with the car’s luxury philosophy.

New cars powered exclusively by petrol or diesel will be banned in the UK by 2030. However, there is growing demand for an upgrade in the car market. Crews are starting around the country to serve this new category as batteries can be fitted to older models.

The company also recycles all kinds of vehicles and aims to convert public vehicles into electricity.


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