Ferrari in the new era of hybrid and electric cars

Ferrari is just two days away to get into the new era of hybrid and electric cars. Since 1974 Ferrari has not released a model with a V6 engine and in the coming days and specifically on June 24th will reveal to us its first model with hybrid system which will have the code name F171.

Details of this new model have not been known however what seems to be certain is the engine. It is a 6-cylinder set of 3.0 liters with turbo which will work with an electric motor. We assume that the system will be mildly hybrid, for example in McLaren Artura with the power being about 650 horsepower.

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Ferrari in the new era of hybrid

In the images that have been leaked so far we are dealing with a normal model. By 2025 Ferrari will also have a fully electric model with many points in common with the F8 Tributo. It is small in dimensions while the wheels have been pulled into the corners of the car.

In order to go unnoticed, it even has false endings in the exhausts. What we are waiting to see is whether the hybrid system is mounted on the front axle or is located elsewhere in the car and simply sends its power to the rear wheels. Patience until next week.


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