Huawei : Energy a cornerstone for green economy growth

Huawei All Things Energy Forum, is one of the most important B2B international digital forum, held on June 2-4, 2021. The event was attended by more than 140 speakers from some twenty countries, delegates, business executives and institutions with the aim of engaged in a constructive dialogue, presenting all the new data on the energy transition in the unstable economic climate caused by the pandemic worldwide.

At the opening of the forum on 2 June, Mr Jacky Chen, (President Huawei Digital Power Technologies CEE & Nordic Region) referred to the digitisation of the energy sector by stressing that Huawei focuses on increased energy production using digital tools to maximise efficiency and reliability as well as to reduce carbon emissions by providing zero-carbon Information & Communication Technology Solutions (ICT).

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In his speech, Jacky Chen said, among other things, “We are committed internationally to achieving energy digitization for a “smart” and sustainable world by providing “smart” Digital Power solutions, including, among other things, Smart PV photovoltaic solutions, electric vehicle charging infrastructures (EV) and Data Center”. In addition, Jacky Chen stressed “Our society is becoming ‘smart’. The Information & Communication Technology Solutions (ICT) infrastructure will become the cornerstone of the smart world. However, with industry 4.0 and further digitisation, the challenges of big data, automation and huge energy consumption must be addressed.”

Concluding his speech, Mr Jacky Chen stressed “Energy is a crucial foundation for building the future economy. We believe that green energy will be adopted by a wide range of industries and thousands of households in the near future. The impact of carbon neutrality is so widespread that it will revolutionise our way of life. Sectors such as agriculture, communications, transport, medical care, education and trade are already ready to welcome green energy.”

It is worth mentioning that in one of the most interesting Parallel Session of the event Mr. Hariram Subramanian (NTO Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV Solution, Europe) presented Huawei’s new storage solutions for large-scale PV installations. As he pointed out “As the penetration of renewable sources increases, we will no longer be concerned only with grid adaptation, but also with grid strengthening, leading to PV systems and energy storage in new data”.


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