Huawei : Fully autonomous driving cars by 2025

Huawei is evolving its fully autonomous driving car as it wants to enter the field of competition for autonomous vehicle market until 2025. Many analysts comment that Huawei aspires to cut the thread before Apple in this area.

Recent information about Apple’s resurgence of interest in Project Titan has led many other major technology players to believe that this is the right time to Huawei to be actively in this area. The Chinese company has already created a vehicle, the SF5, and it is more than obvious that it wants to invest further in this area.

It is the technology of autonomous vehicle movement that Huawei seems to want to put more emphasis on. Huawei’s 2025 time target foresees that at that time it will be able to engage in the part of vehicles that can be driven without the need for driver intervention.

More detailed information about Huawei’s plans has not been known at this point in time, but it is a given that it will be heavily involved in the field of software that will enable autonomous movement in vehicles of all kinds.


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