Hyundai acquires the creator of autonomous robots, Boston Dynamics

Wanting to further expand its participation in the field of autonomous robots, Hyundai announced that it now has the majority stake in Boston Dynamics. The move is believed to be linked to Hyundai’s ambitions to strengthen its position on autonomous driving.

Boston Dynamics robots are well known, as there have been many references to them on the Internet. Both the Spot model that can take on a dog’s own tasks, and other Boston Dynamics models have impressed with their autonomous motion capabilities.

Hyundai is interested in taking advantage of this technology for software applications that can integrate into its fleet of vehicles, offering autonomous vehicle drive capabilities. In addition to vehicles, Hyundai’s aspirations extend to other areas of smart travel, as the company calls it.

autonomous robots

Hyundai now has the majority stake in Boston Dynamics, with SoftBank being its other major shareholder. Boston Dynamics is an American engineering and robotics design company founded in 1992 as an excerpt from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts,

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Boston Dynamics is best known for developing a range of high-mobility robots, including BigDog, Spot, Atlas and Handle. From 2019, Spot is marketed, making it the first commercially available robot from Boston Dynamics, with the company declaring its intention to market other robots, including Handle.


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