IBM’s autonomous boat begins its journey across the Atlantic

The IBM Mayflower Autonomous boat MAS400 began sailing, without human intervention, in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a trimaran that can move completely autonomously in a marine environment.

The journey of IBM’s autonomous ship began on June 15 and will follow the path followed by the Mayflower ship that had transported the first settlers to New England in 1620. IBM’s Mayflower is 15 meters long and 6.2 meters wide, powered by a hybrid engine that combines solar power with diesel, touching speeds of up to 10 knots.

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A control centre in Plymouth, Great Britain, is responsible for receiving the data from the vessel, with the data processed by an IBM Power Systems AC922 system. On board the IBM Myflower there is scientific equipment weighing 700 kg with sensors that study the quality of water and air.


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