Renault Zoe achieved 764 km on one charge!

A normal Renault Zoe showed that even the current technology has potential, as it traveled 683.34 km before running out of battery. The fully electric French small was the E-Tech version R135 EV 50 GT Line and had absolutely no conversion while in the test participated an identical Zoe, but which wore the low resistance rolling tires, Enso and managed to travel 764.91 km!

Of course, these are not distances that can be easily achieved in real-world conditions. In fact, this are impossible to achieve as the cars may have been standard, but the attempt at the record was made in the controlled conditions of the Thruxton track by members of Mission Motorsports (a charity that helps rehabilitate veterans).

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Also, all Renault Zoe peripheral systems requiring energy to operate e.g. heating, air-condition etc. were turned off and at night, drivers did not use luminaires but night vision goggles and LED daytime lights that reflected fluorescent markings on the asphalt. To reach the distance of 683.34 km it took about 25 hours while Zoe’s average hourly speed was about 28 km/h!

On the other hand, the record has no practical application, nor can it be repeated in real-world conditions. The improvement achieved compared to the factory autonomy declared by Renault and not exceeding 390 km, is extremely impressive, even with this data.

Which data, include drivers (men and women, 6 in number) to drive barefoot in order to have complete control of the throttle pedal, to choose very carefully the appropriate… lines on the track, boil during the day and freeze at night. Like most records, it makes no sense for our everyday life but it is still impressive as an effort!


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