Tesla Model S Plaid wears new innovative electric motor

Tesla with the new Model S Plaid gave another life extension to this impressive pure electric Sedan where it was first unveiled nine years ago. In Fremont, yesterday Elon Musk unveiled the main technical elements of the Model S Plaid and a big impression was caused by the new technologically advanced electric motor.

As early as January after it was revealed the revamped Model S has some minor improvements externally but inside it was the biggest changes made with the very special Yoke steering wheel but also a completely new dashboard. But the biggest innovation is in the new electric motor where it has carbon-sleeved rotors.

new Model S plaid

Elon Musk commented during the presentation:

“As far as we know, this is the first time there has been a production electric motor with a carbon-coated rotor. This is an extremely difficult thing, because carbon and copper have very different rates of thermal expansion. To have a carbon-coated rotor, you need to wrap it with extremely high intensity and this is extremely difficult to do. “

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Also for this electric motor, Tesla designed from the beginning a new manufacturing machine to wrap it and the result was a highly efficient small engine where, as Tesla’s CEO has said, one can pick it up on his own.

new Model S plaid

Elon Musk also confirmed a new battery during the presentation but gave no further information. In terms of exterior design, Tesla has managed to achieve the lowest drag factor of any production car at 0.208 where the number certainly impresses.

Another innovation is being implemented in the Model S Plaid and this is the new heat pump where it will be extremely efficient and will help cars a lot in colder climates. Here to emphasize that heat pump was first revealed in Model Y and then placed in Model 3.

In fact, Musk said it “is 30% better in cold weather and requires 50% less energy for cabin heating in cooling conditions.” Perhaps this contributes to the larger radiator that has front where it will allow the best high performance repeatability.

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In terms of performance the numbers have been known for a long time now since for 0-60 mph it needs 1.99 seconds, the quarter-mile in 9.23 seconds, and a 200 mph top speed.

new Model S plaid


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