Tesla secured $1 billion a year in battery minerals ?

All indications are that Tesla secured a billion dollars in battery minerals such as lithium and nickel through confirmation made by Robyn Denholm (Chair of Tesla) where she also happens to be from Australia.

Robyn Denholm recently attended an Event of the Minerals Council of Australia and confirmed that Tesla already supplies three-quarters of its lithium from Australia and plans to buy about a billion dollars of minerals from the country each year. Tesla had also previously secured an absorption agreement with Kidman Resources Limited to get lithium out of its condition.

Tesla is also trying to carry out lithium mining itself beyond the agreements, and already 10,000 acres have been purchased in Nevada. Chief executive Elon Musk also added of Denholm’s comments on securing minerals in Australia: “That’s where we get most of our lithium. Also, while phone batteries use heavy cobalt in the descent, Tesla mainly uses nickel, which is more difficult but has better energy density (range). “

Among other things, Elon Musk is also pushing nickel producers to speed up production while it is rumoured that Tesla is partnering with Giga Metals where it is developing a nickel project in Canada. It is also heard that the name of the Californian electric vehicle company has been linked to a controversial nickel mine in New Caledonia and a possible battery project in Indonesia.


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