The world’s largest E-ferry on routes in Denmark

We are now entering the era of electric vehicles and the world’s largest E-ferry operating in Denmark confirms that while the future has been started by electric cars there are also ships that are plugged in.

Worldwide, at least 120 ships rely on electricity, and in Denmark and the Netherlands hybrid ships as well as ships powered exclusively by electricity are already operating. Theocharis Vlachopanagiotis Co-founder & Chief Executive – Rhoe Urban Technologies, says the aim of the research done on electrification on ships is to adopt a more economical and sustainable way of operating them.

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As all EU cars pollute, the fleet of the world’s largest cruise ship company pollutes, Vlachopanagiotis explained.

world's largest E-ferry

According to him, the aim for ship batteries is to produce as small a size as possible but to meet the ship’s energy needs, to be charged off board so that in a few minutes the ship can change battery and continue to its destination and follow international protocols so that they are “green”. , i.e. cause the smallest possible environmental footprint.

As Mr. Vlachopanagiotis argued at first, such batteries could be used in boats operating during the summer months in Greece and in particular in Thermaikos by joining Thessaloniki with nearby beaches (Baxe, Perea, Agia Triada) or even on the larger ships and ferry boats when they approach the ports.

As far as larger vessels are concerned, electrification is still a long way off, although the target of reducing pollutants by 30% by 2030 and by 50% by 2050 would be possible.

Video from EUROSOLAR e.V.

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