VW evolves Professional Autonomous Vehicles technologies

Professional autonomous vehicles technologies will play an important role in future transport but the technology is still at an embryonic level since no manufacturer so far has a model that has fully autonomous driving. There is no timetable yet for when we will see cars driven on their own, but the general consensus is that the first fully autonomous vehicles will have to come into service earlier than the end of the decade,

For Volkswagen’s Commercial Vehicles division, the deadline will be 2025. That’s when the Germans plans to unveil the first self-driving cars, and according to the automaker’s latest announcement, this would be a variant of the electric ID. BUZZ.

autonomous vehicles technologies

The German company recently said that at the end of the week they will begin testing the autonomous vehicles technologies where it will make the new VAN fully autonomous based on an Argo AI solution. For the future the aim is for the self-driving ID. BUZZ to become part of a rental and sharing service that will be available in selected cities around the world.

The decision was announced after the VW group’s supervisory board met at the end of the week and gave a green light to the idea of autonomous taxi robots and trucks. Argo AI is a company that Volkswagen invests in with Ford as part of the deal the two giants signed in the summer of last year. As for ID. BUZZ, the premiere of its production is expected to take place in 2022.


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