VW with ID.3 & ID.4 dominates European sales for April

VW ID.3 & ID.4 were at the top of sales for the month of April 2021 in a European market where electric vehicles had a fivefold up share compared to the same month last year. A total of 159,891 cars of this category were registered, representing 15% of the total market. Of these, 7.9% are plug-in hybrids and 7.1% are pure electric.

Also, in the first four months of the year, 617,000 EV and PHEV are registered in Europe, which also accounts for 15% of the total market. In the whole quarter, 6.7% are pure electric and the remaining 8.3% are rechargeable hybrids.

In April, the two most popular models were the VW ID.4 (7,565 sales) and the Volkswagen ID.3 (5,941 sales). For ID.4, it is the first month at the top, while ID.3 is making a dynamic return since in previous months it had experienced a downturn.


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The next two best-performing models on the list are plug-in hybrid: The Ford Kuga PHEV with 4,300 sales and the Volvo XC40 PHEV (4,118 sales). All indications are that the Ford Kuga PHEV could become the top-selling rechargeable hybrid in 2021.

Although the Tesla Model 3 does not even see it in the top 20 list, it remains the top EV in Europe with over 32,000 sales since the beginning of the year. It should be noted here that Tesla usually achieves the highest sales numbers in the last month of each quarter.

As far as car groups are concerned, Volkswagen Group is now the leader with a market share of 23%. It is followed by Stellantis with 14%, Daimler with 12% and BMW with 12%.


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