Austria: Target for 100% electricity from RES by 2030

Austria raises the bar higher to meet the target of 100% electricity from RES after the new renewable expansion law (EAG) was passed in the national parliament.

The new national legislation sets a target by 2030 for electricity consumption to be 100% covered by renewable energy sources – when the corresponding target is currently 75%.

According to a Windeurope announcement, in order to make this a reality, Austria needs an additional 27 TWh in electricity production. All 10 TWh are covered by wind potential. This means, as stated, that more than 500 MW of new power must be installed annually from now on, by 2030.

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100% electricity from RES

In addition, the new EAG Law introduces a new surcharge system on the market. The premium will be paid on the basis of the average monthly value of wind energy on the market.

At present, tenders do not lead to optimal results in Austria due to the small size of the market. The premium will be determined administratively. If market conditions change, then the competitions may return from 2024.

Commenting on the above development, WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson noted “It is great that Austria wants the full carbonisation of the electricity generation mix by 2030. It is also wonderful that they set a clear goal for the development of wind technology.

This means they need to build 500 MW a year by 2030. That sends a clear message. The state now needs to identify the appropriate areas where new wind farms will be installed.”

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