BMW shuts down production of electric i3

The end of the “career” for the pure electric BMW i3 will begin in the US after a dealer of the brand announced that from August the production of the car will cease and will not be available on the country’s market. Then comes Europe’s turn, what is expected to happen in early 2022.

Over the past 12 months stocks for i3 in the US have been at particularly low levels, with stakeholders having difficulty obtaining the model.

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The BMW i3 was the first pure electric car of wide production in the history of the Bavarian company and is the model that launched the family of pure electric “BMW i”. Both the latter and the i8, launched shortly afterwards, were considered among the most advanced cars of BMW, but also of the global automotive industry.

The i3 was the first mass-produced car to use carbon fiber on such a large scale, which allows for weight savings. The model currently on the market incorporates a 170 horsepower (184 hp) electric motor in the most i3s version) and 250 Nm of torque, as well as a 42.2 kWh lithium-ion battery offering up to 310 km of energy capacity. (WLTP measurement cycle).

BMW is also restructuring its factories so that they can build electric drive-trains. In this context, investments of around EUR 400 million and a significant increase in the workforce have been announced.


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