Bugatti and Rimac join forces for an exciting future

The new partnership, Bugatti-Rimac, was officially announced today as it had been said as early as June and had been rumored since last September.

Bugatti, the creator of some of the most fantastic cars in history, and Rimac, the creator of the most unbeatable electric car ever built, join forces.

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Rimac will own 55% of the new company, while Porsche will retain 45% of Bugatti after an internal transaction that takes its ownership stake from Volkswagen. In addition, Porsche will retain a 24% stake in Rimac itself. Mate Rimac will become chief executive of the newly formed Bugatti-Rimac, while Oliver Blume and Lutz Meschke of Porsche will join the company’s supervisory board.

Rimac Nevera

The company will maintain Bugatti’s facilities in Molsheim, France, and Rimac’s facilities in Zagreb, Croatia. For the time being, the production of Bugatti Chiron will continue in France just as it did before this agreement. The goal, however, of this project is to combine two of the most exciting companies in the automotive industry for future, joint vehicle development, with some Bugattis already planned by both companies for the future.

However, in all intents and purposes, the VW Group revived the brand from the ashes around the turn of the century, developing and manufacturing the Bugatti Veyron first and then its successor Chiron.

It should also be stressed that both Bugatti’s recent vehicles and Rimac Nevera are based on the same ideology: ‘motoring beyond all limits of logic and speeds that go beyond current perceptions of the world’.


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