Davinci DC 100: An electric motorcycle that stands alone

Davinci Dynamics’ electric motorcycle, named DC 100, will be able to maintain balance on its own. This feature will come with the help of a new software upgrade package of the machine.

Using the electronic systems and safety components of the Davinci DC 100 it will be possible for the machine to maintain its balance, thus facilitating the life of its rider. At the same time, the accompanying application on the mobile will allow a gentle remote control of the machine, along with the appropriate information for individual elements.

In fact, Davinci will give the developer community the code necessary to create various applications that can expand the capabilities of the DC 100. In terms of driving experience, the performance of the DC 100 reaches 135 horsepower, with its range reaching 400 km, where it is an impressive performance if verified in practice!

The DC100 can recover most of the vehicle’s kinetic energy back into the battery, which can improve driving experience, improve energy efficiency to ensure longer range and reduce brake pressure to make driving safer.

The DC100 electric motorcycle has a torque of up to 850 Nm, while for acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h it takes just 4 seconds. The 17.7 kWh battery can recover much of its energy with a 30-minute fast charge.


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