Electric car sales rising and CO2 emission reducing

In the global car market, electric car sales rising rapidly and already some first tangible results in terms of CO2 emissions show an encouraging decline.

Jato, a company specializing in car market research and data, presents us with some interesting illustrations that reveal several interesting elements for reducing CO2 emissions.

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The figures relate to sales of models and the average of direct CO2 emissions without taking into account the indirect footprint formed by the energy sources with which electric cars move.

Which, as time goes by, consume more and more ‘green’ energy, at least in any country where lignite production is significantly restricted and at the same time renewable sources are expanding.

In the graph below you will see that while the average CO2 was consistently above 117 grams in 2020 there was a rapid drop to 106.7 grams, i.e. by -12%.

Electric car sales rising

What the graph shows us is that for 2021 we will expect average CO2 to fall even lower as there are now many more options on the market in electric cars combined with brave subsidies by country and helps electric car sales rising even more.


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