First teaser image of the new electric crossover by Nissan

Nissan has released a first teaser from the upcoming electric crossover that it will unveil soon. The new model will be based on the CMF EV platform, which has resulted from the collaboration of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi.

Nissan’s new electric crossover, for which no name has yet been known, will be built in Sunderland in the UK, one of Nissan’s most prominent production plants on European soil.

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Nissan released a first teaser, so you can get a first taste for the design of the new model, which will combine coupe design and SUV features. Nissan’s goal is to enable the Sunderland plant to produce 100,000 electric cars each year.

The CMF EV platform will be able to offer of up to 430 km of range with high performance in the electric motors that will equip each model. It remains to be seen what the technical characteristics of the crossover that Nissan is preparing will be.

Nissan Leaf 1st Gen

Nissan was also the first automaker to mass-produce an electric vehicle. The first Gen Nissan Leaf was a small and medium-sized pure electric car, and began to be sold in December 2010. Until recently it was the first-selling pure electric car, while a total of over 500,000 cars have been sold worldwide and after the second generation of the model.


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