How much does VW ID.3 & ID.4 service cost?

The periodic maintenance and service cost of electric vehicles is an unknown factor since non-connoisseurs of EVs have legitimate concerns about new technology. But as the figures show, this is all a false impression, since the service costs of electric cars do not make the pocket bleed. To make this more simple, we took VW’s two new electric cars, ID.3 and ID.4, as a measure of comparison, analyzing over 4 years what their service costs.

But before we move on to the numbers, let’s look at some additional data on these two models. Starting with the VW ID.3 this is offered with three battery versions of 45, 58 & 77 kWh. The original Pure Performance version with the 45 kWh battery, offers a range of 350 km, with the power reaching 150 horsepower.

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In terms of performance, the process of 0-100 km/h is completed at 8.9 km/h, with the top speed being 160 km/h. The price starts at 33,500 euros, with the strongest versions with the largest batteries, Pro Performance and Pro S with 204 horsepower. In any case they are accompanied by rich equipment of amenities, safety and driver assistance systems.

How much does VW ID.3 & ID.4 service cost?

Prospective buyers of the VW ID.4 have a variety of options, as they can choose between two batteries (52 & 77 kWh) and four power versions. The Pure version with the 52 kWh battery offers a range of up to 345 km, with a power of 149 horsepower. This version is more economical and follows the strongest Pure Performance with 170 horsepower.

In the first case the 0-100 km/h is completed in 10.9 sec, while the 170 horsepower version is needed for the same process 9 sec! In both versions the top speed does not exceed 160 km/h! The Pro Performance version with 204 horsepower, has performance where it is slightly faster since the 100 km/h comes at 8.5 km/h, with the top speed remaining at 160 km/h!

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How much does VW ID.3 & ID.4 service cost?

At the top is the GTX version, where the driver enjoys 299 horsepower, with acceleration from stop to 100 km/h to 6.2 sec, with the top speed in this case being 180 km/h.

Both VW electric cars have an extremely reasonable service cost, despite the technology they incorporate. According to their manufacturer, maintenance takes place every 2 years and includes only the following:

  • Inspections of the general condition of the car
  • Replacing dust and pollen filter
  • Brake liquid service

The total cost for 4 years or 60,000 km, in the case of VW ID.3 reaches 410 euros, while for the ID.4 for the corresponding period it amounts to 430 euros!


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