New electric Renault 5 will feature Alpine DNA

The upcoming electric Renault 5 will come with very sporty moods as Alpine works on what it calls a “dream garage”. A small range of sports models that evolve according to the DNA of the French brand and will be launched in the market covering the needs and desires of the world.

A sports car created in collaboration with Lotus, an SUV for the whole family and a hatchback – all electric, all with sporty features and all within the next few years and certainly before the end of the decade. For the first of these, we also have the first official information from Gilles le Borgne, Vice-President of Engineering at Alpine.

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The company’s senior executive confirmed in English media that the hot hatchback will be based on the upcoming electric Renault 5, as expected but will be differentiated from it thanks to an aggressive body-kit, changes in suspension and steering and of course, thanks to a stronger but fully electric drive-train.

Le Borgne confirmed that this will come from Megane E-Tech Electric and will include an electric motor on the front axle, which will produce about 220 horsepower. With the exact technical characteristics not yet finalized, the target for the hot, electric hatchback is a 0-100 km/h of 6.0 seconds while a battery, possibly 52 kWh, will ensure an autonomy exceeding 320 km.

Things will be a little different in the SUV that will follow as there, Alpine wants to use some torque vectoring system while the larger size and increased weight will somehow require the use of a device with two electric motors that will also give four-wheel drive capabilities.

On the front axle will be the same 220 horsepower electric motor and for the rear, the French brand reserves a “big surprise” as le Borgne typically states. It is a given, however, that this device will not be used in the hot R5 both because of complexity and because of cost.


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