Peugeot gave Miss France an e-208 fully electric car

Peugeot handed miss France 2021 the keys to her new car, and it’s something the French car industry has been doing for 30 years.

This year’s most beautiful woman in France, 23-year-old Amandine Petit, won along with the title of Miss France 2021 and the great gift of the competition, a brand new Peugeot e-208.

In fact, Petit chose an electric Peugeot e-208, peugeot’s distinctive blue color and the top version of GT equipment. This version includes, among other things, a multimedia system with a 10-inch display, Peugeot’s 3D digital instrument panel, 17-inch alloy wheels and more.

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Peugeot Miss France

Petit received the E-208 from Peugeot’s dealer in her home town of Cannes, following in the footsteps of last year’s winner Clemence Botino, who had also received an electric Peugeot e-208.

We recall that the electric version of the Peugeot 208 is combined with a 136 horsepower electric motor and a 50 kWh battery. Full-charge range can reach 340 km, while the car retains the sporty road and driving characteristics that are a feature of all models in the 208 range.

Supports fast charging up to 100kW and Peugeot claims to be charging from 0-80% in just 30 minutes. A full charge is achieved in about eight hours from a wallbox charger, while a conventional supply requires 20 hours of charging.

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