Tesla FSD Beta V9 with pure vision and no radar | video

Tesla’s Full Self Driving Beta V9 software is being trialed by selected electric vehicle owners. The improvements offered by the new system are many, with Tesla talking about a substantial upgrade to the operation of Autopilot.

Tesla has so far been accused of running Autopilot, but one cannot accuse it of stagnation, since it has arrived promisingly in the ninth version of the Full Self Driving Software. It is worth noting that more than 1.6 billion kilometers have already been recorded with the Autopilot function, amassing a vast wealth of data that Tesla uses to improve its operation.

Beta V9

One of the major changes coming to Beta V9 of Full Self Driving Software is that the vehicle does not rely on radar mode, but moves based on the data it draws from the cameras, an element that Tesla calls Pure Vision. Improved is also the element of visualization offered on the screen by the system, which shows more clearly the movement of the vehicle on the road.

Tesla notes that the changes between version 8 and version 9 are huge, with the system able to make more safe decisions, such as lane changes.

Video from YouTube channel EV Source

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