Tesla Superchargers will serve all electric vehicles

As Elon Musk announced via Twitter, by the end of this year Tesla Superchargers will be able to serve all electric cars regardless of brand. Over the past month, however, after rounds of intra-company consultations, Tesla’s people seem to have decided to adopt this policy globally as well.

“Later in the year, we will make the Superchargers charger network open to other electrics,” Elon Musk said – among other things – via a Twitter post. He then made it clear that access to Superchargers would apply to all countries.

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Tesla’s global charger network currently consists of more than 25,000 units, of which 6,000 are in Europe.

Tesla Superchargers will serve all electric vehicles

It should be noted that following an EU directive on standardisation of electric vehicle charger connectors, Tesla Superchargers incorporate CCS2 plugs. The latter are compatible with most new vehicles available in the countries of the European Union and support rapid DC charging. Therefore, all that is required to expand the accessibility of its chargers is a software reprogramming.

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With the expansion of the charging infrastructure network being one of the key pillars of the European strategic transition plan to electric mobility, Tesla’s move is seen as a decisive step in this direction.


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