The first electric Lamborghini came, but on two wheels

The first electric vehicle from Lamborghini has already arrived, and it’s the AL1… but it is not a super-car but it concerns movements in the city with zero-pollution vehicles. As the brand’s CEO, Stephan Winkelman, has stated, hybridization will exist throughout its range by 2024, and after 2025, the first pure electric cars will come. .

The AL1 is an electric scooter, with a magnesium frame and front suspension. It has 8-inch diameter wheels, and has an electric front brake and a mechanical rear. In terms of weight, it’s only 13 kilos and can withstand up to 100 kilos.

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It carries a 350W electric motor with a 280 Wh battery, which makes the AL1 reach 6 km/h in ECO, and 25 km/h in sport mode. It has LED lights for driver safety, as well as a digital touchscreen with everything necessary to manage battery and speed. The cost of AL1 is 499 euros.

Technical Specifications

FRAME – Magnesium alloy
TIRES – 8” front and rear honeycomb wheels
BRAKES – Front electric brake and mechanical rear brake
SPEED – ECO: <= 6km/h | D: <= 20km/h | S: <= 25km/h (max speed)
MAX LOAD – 100kg
MOTOR TYPE – 350W brushless
BATTERY – 36V 7.8Ah 280Wh
CHARGING TIME – 3/5 hours
DISPLAY – Smart display with speed, distance, battery power, errors
AUTONOMY RANGE – 25-30km (may vary)
WEIGHT – 13kg

The first electric Lamborghini came, but on two wheels


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