The return of Alpine as an exclusively electric brand

The return of Alpine as an exclusive electric brand is expected to begin somewhere in 2024 with a hot, altered version of the Supermini Renault 5, followed by an electric successor to the A110 and a large GT car.

The French company is preparing a powerful three-car series for its transformation into Renault’s premium electric brand. This will include the next generation A110, a sporty GT car that Alpine is currently working with Lotus to build, and a hot version of the reborn Renault 5, which is expected to arrive in 2024 replacing the Zoe.

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While the normal 5 will use a 134-horsepower electric motor, the Alpine R5 will use the 215-horsepower engine to be found in the upcoming Mégane E-Tech Electric crossover. Gilles Le Borgne, Renault’s chief engineer, was asked if the larger 215-horsepower engine would fit the R5’s CMF-BEV platform, and replied: “Yes, with small modifications it will fit, we want Alpine cars to stay focused on high performance.”

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Alpine released a photo with 3 “silhouettes” corresponding to its future electric vehicles. The top probably refers to the big GT that the company is preparing with Lotus, the middle one logically is the R5 while the lower to the next electric generation of the A110.

The information so far is to little, but in the coming months we are expected to see more photos and data on the R5 and the other upcoming electric vehicles of the French company.


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