Two Chevy Bolt fires and what GM tells to owners

Two incidents of electric cars Chevy Bolt fires were enough to alarm General Motors. Chevrolet Bolt owners were asked to avoid charging their vehicles overnight and were instructed to park them out on the road.

General Motors has announced that it will conduct a vehicle recall to determine the exact problem that has arisen and caused the batteries to ignite in the Chevrolet Bolt models. A similar move was made in November 2020 by GM in order to identify the reason for outbreaks of fire with the batteries of its electric models.

GM has instructed its dealers in the US to carefully examine Bolt models, remove any problem units and install new software so that there is no overload problem with their charging. This was the case as a directive in both the Chevrolet Bolt model and the Bolt EUV.

At this stage, the problem caused by model batteries has not been fully diagnosed, with General Motors pursuing a cautious policy in the field.

Video from YouTube channel CNBC Television

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