Watch Cybertruck to rolling impressively in zero gravity

Tesla’s Cybertruck looks like the ideal zero gravity vehicle, and of course, only an electric vehicle would really make sense on the lunar surface.

In an animation you can see below from Twitter, Slave’ Popovski ®(@Pslavi) created an impressive video animation where a specially modified Tesla Cybertruck with large wheels and suspension for this occasion can comfortably roll on the moon’s zero gravity surface. Also at the back and on the trunk there is an astronaut who seems to be enjoying the ride.

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And because the moon has no atmosphere, no vehicle with an internal combustion engine could do anything like that. As far as the exterior design is concerned, there are no changes except for the wider tyres since the extra traction is needed for zero gravity conditions.

As for how Cybertruck will goes to the Moon, Elon Musk has the solution here, too. Through his own company Space X, with which he helps NASA’s missions in space. Finally, it should be noted that the electric pickup will also have the logo of this brand, as well as the U.S. flag.

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